Our Story

We take fresh seriously. Chef Steve Botta and his team take pride in offering menu selections that are house-made, from scratch, with top ingredients hand-selected and delivered daily. While certain staples will appear on the menu year-round, daily specials will offer a taste of the season.

Your appetizer and salad options range from the familiar to the unique. If you like your appetizer on the half-shell, you are in luck! Our raw bar is one of very few in the area and we keep it fully stocked with East and West Coast selections of shellfish like oysters, crab, shrimp and clams.

Our Ingredients

All of our pasta is made in-house by hand daily. Beach Tavern is home to an Italian Arcobaleno brand pasta machine. It features brass extruders that give our pasta a rough, rustic texture perfect for absorbing our delicious sauces. One bite and you will swear someone’s Italian grandmother bestowed these recipes on us!

All of our proteins are of the highest quality and sourced from specialized purveyors with decades of experience in the industry. We receive deliveries of fresh seafood daily. Our steaks are all Angus or dry-aged. We only serve hormone and antibiotic-free chicken. Our burger is a custom blend of sirloin, short rib and brisket. Just try to save room for dessert.

Discover a coastal culinary gem at New Jersey's finest seafood restaurant

Dock & Dine

Nestled along the picturesque waterfront, Beach Tavern offers a unique feature that sets us apart from the rest – Dock and Dine.

Imagine arriving at our restaurant by boat, effortlessly docking at our private pier, and stepping ashore to savor the ocean’s bounty. Give our Dockmaster a call 30 minutes before arriving by boat.  Call the restaurant at 732.870.8999

Our Mission

At Beach Tavern, our unwavering mission is to deliver an exquisite dining experience within an ambiance that exudes elegance and comfort. We firmly believe that a restaurant should transcend mere food and drink, striving to foster a sense of community. Our ultimate goal is for our guests to embark on a culinary journey filled with curiosity and depart with utmost satisfaction, while our dedicated staff find joy in their work.

We envision Beach Tavern as the epitome of dining excellence in the area, where discerning individuals seek out our establishment as their preferred culinary destination. With our commitment to exceptional cuisine, impeccable service, and an atmosphere that inspires both conversation and contentment, we aspire to earn the title of Monmouth County’s most beloved dining location